Run Traffic on Landings?

Get a cash back on what you've already spent with push notification

Straightforward Process

Register as a Publisher
Sign up on RollerAds to join our network, submit your landing page for a quick review, and install our WordPress plugin or a simple code for non-WordPress landings.
Build Your Subscriber Base
When new visitors arrive, they'll see an option to subscribe to push notifications. Every user who subscribes adds to your subscriber base, which grows larger the more you earn.
Earn from Ads
Subscribed users will receive ads from our trusted advertisers through push notifications. You get paid for every ad served.

Earnings Potential

RollerAds allows you to unlock additional income from the same user base, effectively serving as a cashback on your traffic investment without extra effort. The income is substantial, but absolutely effortless.
The income is substantial, but absolutely effortless.
Set everything up once, and we handle everything from there.

Why to Choose RollerAds

Quick start
Global coverage
Strong support
18К happy users
Detailed statistics
Various payout options
Available Payout Methods. Payouts twice a week. Min. payout is just $5

Success Stories

These case studies highlight RollerAds' versatility and effectiveness across various verticals and GEOs
Case Study #1
GEOs: France, USA, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom
Traffic Source: Facebook Ads
Outcome: Within just nine days, this affiliate marketer saw a CR of 3.8%, turning 600,000 visitors into 22,500 subscribers and generating $3,817 in total income. Two weeks later, they were earning $150–200 daily.
Case Study #2
GEOs: India, Chile, Spain, Czechia, Slovakia
Traffic Source: Push, Teaser Ads
Outcome: Achieved an 8.2% CR from 120,000 visitors, resulting in 10,200 subscribers and $1,210 in total income. Daily earnings rose to $85–130 within two weeks.
Case Study #3
GEOs: Australia, United States, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom
Traffic Source: Native Ads
Outcome: With a 0.82% conversion rate, this campaign turned 274,320 visitors into 1,100 subscribers, earning $363 initially and reaching $30–45 in daily income two weeks later.
RollerAds is a game-changer for earning potential. I used another push monetization service before, but switching to RollerAds seriously boosted my income – we're talking more than double the revenue with the same traffic. The RollerAds team made it super easy to move my subscriber list over.
affLift forum user
I switched my subscriber list from another network, and wow, did my earnings take off! Plus, they've got super flexible and convenient ways to get payouts.
affLift forum user
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